About Us

About Us

Environmental Solutions

Caribe Hydroblasting Corp., also known as Ched Caribe, is a distinguished multi-disciplinary environmental, remediation, and industrial maintenance company renowned in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. With a long-standing reputation for fast response, reliable services, Ched Caribe has been a trusted partner since its establishment on April 15, 1977. Over the past four decades, Ched Caribe has emerged as a prominent industry leader, with a particular emphasis on environmental and remediation services.


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Skilled Professionals

At Ched Caribe, we take great pride in our extensive portfolio of completed projects across Puerto Rico. Having successfully undertaken thousands of ventures, we have demonstrated our expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our dedicated team of professionals includes highly skilled project managers, technicians, and support staff who collaborate to ensure the highest standards of service.

Throughout its history, Ched Caribe has consistently delivered superior services and solutions to its clients. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, a highly skilled team, and a proven track record, Ched Caribe continues to be at the forefront of the environmental, remediation, and industrial maintenance industry in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.